Importance of trade history analysis

Most of the time, traders in the market only analysis the losing trades in the market. They forget one key aspect of the analysis. You have to know, what you did right as it can save you from a catastrophe. If you only focus on your failures and try to learn from them, you may never know what made you a winner. The importance of winning trade analysis is very much necessary in Forex. Though many traders say that only failure is important in analysis, you should focus more on your successful trades. If you know what you did in that market movement, you can try to repeat your last trades. Many trades in the market have a tendency to repeat themselves in the market movement. To be precise, in order to enhance your trading performance you need to analyze your trade history very often. Try to learn from your mistakes and your winning trades. Differentiate between the winners and the losers, and find a perfect solution which will help you to execute the best trades in the market. Read more

Understanding a Forex Broker

Fundamental analysis is part of the decision-making process that leads to the trader buying or selling a currency pair. A reputed Forex broker will always communicate to its customers about the important events ahead that are possible to influence trading conditions.

Such example may be political events, like referendums. The classical example here is the Brexit referendum, that took place on a Thursday during the trading week, but the results were made public later after London and North American sessions ended.

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How to be protective against the binary option scams?

Many traders use the binary option trading due to its simplicity. When it’s about the binary option you do not have to worry about the risks associated because you can place the call or put option easily. The complexity is not involved in the binary option trading. In the binary option trading, you can calculate the risk involved profits you gain and also the time factor. There are many binary option brokers in the Forex market. How can you differentiate the legitimate Forex brokers and the scam Forex brokers? We will help you in order to differentiate the scam brokers and the legitimate brokers. Forex market involves higher risks and it leads the traders to make the wise decision. When trading the Forex market making silly mistakes would wash away your account. You must be aware of the market and the scams associated with the market.

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Gold market subdue under bearish pressure despite of bullish recovery attempt in last Friday

There has been a decent bullish move in the gold market from the very beginning of the year 2017 as the dollar slipped against its all major rivals in the global economy. The price of gold started its bullish recovery in the market after hitting a critical support level at 1122.04 in the global market. The U.S dollar gained its strongest bullish momentum in the market upon the rate hike on last December by FED.There FED hikes their interest rate on the basis of 25 points in the global market and also stated that they are going for possible three rate hike in the year 2017.During that time the U.S dollar index which is the measure of the overall value of the green bucks strength against the six major currency pairs in the global economy. However, the green bucks lost most of its bullish strength in the global market after the newly elected president Mr. Trump failed to keep his promise regarding the tax cut policy and increment in the fiscal spending. On this event, the gold market rallied significantly higher in the global economy breaking critical resistance level in the market.

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Dollars slips lower as U.S wage falls in the economy

There has been a massive chaos in the global market in the last week as the investors were in doubt about the next movement of the green bucks. Though the dollar tried to recover some of its losses against its major rivals in the global market but eventually bearish took control of the market prior to market closing. There has been a strong negative U.S consumer sentiment in the recent days Mr. Trump failed to keep his promise as the newly elected president of U.S. After the U.S presidential election held on 8th November 2016 he stated that fiscal spending will be increased and tax cut policy will be implemented soon to ease the sufferings of the U.S citizen. However, three months have been passed there has been no initiative from the Mr. Trump to keep his promise and most importantly he has been creating extreme sentiment into the consumer’s mind. If things continue to go like this than there is strong chance that we will see a long-term weakness in the greenbacks. Due to the recent weakness of the green bucks, the Aussie dollar has broken a critical bearish trend line in the market which clearly impose a threat on the dollar bulls.

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