Andrew Bezen

Financial Writer

About me

Over the last 18 years, I have achieved many awards from different high esteemed organization such as Citti, NYSA stock exchange traders’ community for my outstanding contribution in the sector of trend and commerce. I have exhibited vibrant personality through my keen understanding and analysis of stock and currency market for the last 16 years. I have also worked for more than 8 years with different hedge funds specially Citti group and added value to thier potential client with the help of my glorious understanding about the financial sectors. From 2012 – 2015 I had served Citti as a chief currency and stock analyst where I have helped their esteemed customers with my in-depth analysis of the stock currency market. I have completed my masters at University of California at San Diego and achieved an outstanding result in the field of economics in the year 1998.Over the period of my education period, I have excelled myself in the field of macro and microeconomics which keeps me one step ahead when it comes to financial analysis.

I am often referred as versatile genius since during my undergraduate study period I have conducted many researches on the price sensitive market and found out a stable solution in the supply line problem. My in-depth research allows me to filter the best possible stock and currency pairs to trade. Due to my glorious performance during my study period, the NYSA stock exchange invited me to contribute to their fellow traders in the market as an analyst. I have developed a clear insight about the financial sectors and I know very precisely how to evaluate the risk in terms of potential reward. Since I was always focused on the investment, it eventually helped me to develop a perfect set of skill to evaluate the potential reward in the market compared to the potential risk. Over the last 10 years, I have been successfully trading the forex market and made a decent portfolio in the trader’s community. Most of the professional traders know me for my outstanding technical analysis skills which allow me to take high-quality trades in the market with limited risk exposure. I always assesses the market from many different views and takes the best possible shot. I have also worked as a chief currency analyst from 2006 to 2010 for JSP Morgan where I have again excelled my performance by providing high-quality technical analysis equipped with strong fundamental support. Still, now the professional expert of JSP Morgan remember my name for my outstanding contribution in the field of economics. I was able to draw a fine line between potential risk and reward in the market which allowed the traders to trade the market profitably.

I have conducted many live seminars across different countries of the world and in many of them I was the chief guest and delivered a highly informative speech to the trader’s community in order to achieve the best trading result. I have also worked for Bridge Associates as chief financial advisors where my main responsibility was to limit the risk exposure in the market by increasing its efficiency to its maximum level.