Guide to Learning Forex Trading

In case you are interested in forex trading with the aim of making money, it is very important to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge that will make you a successful trader. In most cases, the internet will be the first place most people will turn to whenever looking for ideas on how to be successful in trading. Read more

Fibonacci Retracement in Forex Strategies

Fibonacci Retracement in Forex Strategies

Traders use Fibonacci retracements in forex trading to pinpoint the best place for market entry orders, stop-loss orders and take profits. They are common in Forex trading because they help identify as well as trade-off support and resistance levels. The new support and resistance levels are at or near trend lines after a significant up or down movement. Hence, they help identify critical levels of support and resistance.

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Make money without thinking about money

It is hard not to think about making money when you are trading in this currency trading market. Most of the people who have invested their money have one goal in their life. This goal is to make money and we are pretty sure that you are reading this article to know how you can make a huge amount of profit with your trading. We are not saying that it is bad and you should not do that because it is the primary reason to invest, we want to say that thinking about the money all the time is not going to change the size or the amount of your account in this industry. You will need hard work before you can see the change. People do not understand and they keep on thinking about money. What good is thinking about your chicken if you haven’t bought the chicken? This article will tell you how you can make money without even thinking about it. There is nothing tricky and it is all fact. All you need to have is strong motivation and the willpower to not think about the profit. Read more

Is there any shortcut to success in Forex?

Everybody is trying to crack this market in a nutshell and that brings you here reading this article. We know there are hundreds of people who are trying and spending a considerable amount of time on the internet trying to find ways that can give them, quick money in this currency trading. Forex trading market, being the largest and the most liquid currency market of the world, it is actually not possible to believe when you heard this market cannot be cracked easily. Even the mightiest have their flaws and this is the only market? There must be some flaws that you can take advantage of and make quick cash in a short way. This sounds very heart aching but it is true that there is no shortcut way to success. If you want success, if you want to wear the crown of profit, you have to work hard on your way. To add salt to your injury, you will mostly get no partners in your trading. In the old times, people were honest and they get some legendary partners that gave them fame like Eckhardt, the partner of Dennis Richard. They together make a huge amount of money and Richard was considered a god gifted talent in commodity trading. They also had to work hard on their way to success and you will also have to do the same. Read more

Importance of trade history analysis

Most of the time, traders in the market only analysis the losing trades in the market. They forget one key aspect of the analysis. You have to know, what you did right as it can save you from a catastrophe. If you only focus on your failures and try to learn from them, you may never know what made you a winner. The importance of winning trade analysis is very much necessary in Forex. Though many traders say that only failure is important in analysis, you should focus more on your successful trades. If you know what you did in that market movement, you can try to repeat your last trades. Many trades in the market have a tendency to repeat themselves in the market movement. To be precise, in order to enhance your trading performance you need to analyze your trade history very often. Try to learn from your mistakes and your winning trades. Differentiate between the winners and the losers, and find a perfect solution which will help you to execute the best trades in the market. Read more